Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Flipped Classroom

As part of my graduate program at WGU, I have researched the concept of the Flipped Classroom.  The Flipped Classroom model uses face-to-face learning time for active learning projects and assigns video-based lectures as homework.    I instruct a high-school level programming class at private co-operative in Texas, and this year I have decided to flip the classroom.  
Cooperative learning organizations do not meet on a daily basis.   High school age students self-manage the majority of their learning activities, so including video lecture material is a natural fit.   In addition, students will receive the added benefit of peer-to-peer mentoring during class time, while they work on their projects.  

This week we launched our classroom model using, which is an academic, social media site for K-12.  Edmodo gives me  a central location to post assignments, video lectures, and to answer questions from the students.   I am new to flipping, but thus far, I think it is an outstanding way to allow my students to access my lectures and resources independently,  and it will enable us to utilize class time for  cooperative learning projects as a group. 

To learning more about Flipping you can certify at and follow along with me on this years journey.

If your a teacher or student teacher join for mentoring from other fantastic flippers. 

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